Installed new psu, rgb header might have caused a small fire?


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Fuuuuu- I'm so pissed. I must have gotten lucky when I ported the strip to my new pc from my old but gotten unlucky when I changed the psu and replugged it. Well RIP
Would you recommend I get nothing less than a gold certified psu then?

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Doesn't have to be gold, just a solid brand that has OEMs with good platforms. For instance I'm using an eVGA 430 B3 in a machine that's bronze, but the platform it's based off (the OEM) is pretty solid. Stick to name brands, Seasonic, eVGA, Corsair, Silverstone, etc and you won't really do bad. Rule of thumb, if it's high wattage and very cheap it's probably junk. With stock shortages it raises prices too.
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