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Hi everyone,

This is going to be a big post so here goes...

Our company is setting up a large network for a customer, the fiber core has been layed in and the building has been built upon this, we are to go in and install the infrastructure in the near future.

We have to install 49 switches (HP ProCurve 2600's) in 13 different rooms around the college in the following configureation.

Room1 - 2x switches
Room2 - 7x switches
Room3 - 7x swithces
Room4 - 9x swithces
Room5 - 1x swithces
Room6 - 4x swithces
Room7 - 4x swithces
Room8 - 4x swithces
Room9 - 4x swithces
Room10 - 4x swithces
Room11 - 1x swithces
Room12 - 1x swithces
Room13 - 1x swithces

These are connected to the servers via 50micron multimode fiber optic cable (50/125) to a HP 9304 core switch with 2x 9300 fiber swihces in...

now heres the tricky part,

The cable has a maximum transmission length of 550 meters @ 1GBPS, but the way the network has been desighned (not by us, hehe) is in a ring so that all the switches run through eachother around the site, the problem is that the total lenght of the ring is over 2000m and some of the segments between the switches are over the 550 limit,

What can we use to extend the length of the transmission?
please bear in mind that we have a budget to consider and we are rather close to it,

Any help would be gratly apreciated, as this is extramly important.

Thanks in advance, Mark Turner


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i don't know if they make it for fiber optic but there is a tool that goes by the name of a repeater, if there is such a thing for fiber optic, go with that, otherwise i believe if you can get a 2 or 3 or 5 port hub(which ever is cheaper or more available) i believe you can just use that and it will automatically be repeated(the signal gets weaker with longer cable, if you put a repeater or another hub on it it re-strengthens the signal and sends it out for the next 550 meters) 550 is just a safe-guard anyway, you should be able to go a couple meters or feet past the so called limit but you're pushing its limits and the signal could potentially be weaker.


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iv heard of fiber repeaters but im not sure of the pricing and where we can get them from, ill ask our sales guy about them and see what he says... thanks for the help so far
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