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Do they make an ethernet switch that is powered by power over ethernet and that can supply power to one power over ethernet Wi-Fi extender connected to the switch?

The sound booth only has what is needed for streaming and slides which is on a battery backup that lasts an estimated 17 minutes withy everything on. The rest of the sound system is in a closet behind the stage and has no battery backup because it's not necessary or reasonably practical to do so.

There is an ethernet switch in the booth on the battery backup. There's also an ethernet switch at the front of the sanctuary on a second story wall that is powered by a nearby outlet and a power over ethernet Wi-Fi extender connects there.

The modem and router is in the church office and because of the newer and old construction there had to be fire protection between both buildings and we only pulled one ethernet cable through.

We want to put the router and modem on a battery backup so that when the power blinks out we do not lose internet. The first ethernet switch is the weak link as no battery backup can be put where it is located.

At work today I thought about it and wondered about the power over ethernet powered switch.

An very brief amazon search only showed power over ethernet switches that have a power supply which plugs into the wall.
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