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Hi, I'm Theo! Just to preface this for the mods: this is not an ad nor is this a commercial project -- a small team of devs (myself included) has recently finished working on a PHP code security scanner and we are humbly asking for your feedback.

We have already been told that integration with GitHub and GitLab would be great so that's what we have made possible in the last couple of days! Also, it would be great if you guys tested bits of code cause literally like 15 min ago someone helped us find a bug in the scanner.

Please spare maybe 5-10 min and a page or two of PHP code and tell us your feedback/what to improve/which features you'd like to see added? That would be help us so much!

Here's the link

Thanks for reading! Cheers :cool:
Great news! You asked - we delivered! When we first started, scanning your project required you to click the Scan button and upload your code. You could package your project and upload it as one archive file, or upload up to 15 individual PHP files.

Our users asked us to add integrations with GitHub and GitLab to allow automated secure code checks to your CI/CD pipeline. Voila - now you can connect PHP Secure to your repository and run automated scans directly in your workflow!

Adding secure code checks to your existing workflow is easy. We have included all the step-by-step instructions to make it simple. Just follow the instructions carefully to set it up without a hitch.

Once connected, every time it is deployed, PHP Secure will check your project for vulnerabilities. Whenever new vulnerabilities are found, you'll be notified. You can view your scan results in your PHP Secure account.

Keep your applications secure and prevent deployment of vulnerable applications or components (registries) by adding PHP Secure to the build as a step in the pipeline.

What do you think of this new feature?

We strive to be on the cutting edge and offer you a superior product for years to come! Do you have any suggestions for improvement?unnamed.png
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