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Pennsylvania, USA
I know somebody trying to sell a dell dimension 8400. He has not specified CPU speed, but all information i have googled has led me to the understanding it is a p4 3.0ghz skt775 cpu.

My main question here is if I would be wasting my time buying this computer. My current system specs are:
HP (no overclocking) socket 478 motherboard
1.8ghz p4 wiliamette
512 mb ddr (2x256)
some old GPU (think its geforce2 400 or something of the nature)
2x 20gb ide HDD
dvd drive
cd-r drive

the system specs are:
775 stock motherboard with HT support
3.0Ghz p4 (don't know if this is HT cpu)
2gb ddr2 ram
500gb hd
dvd-r/cd-r drive
monitor (believe it is flatscreen)
asking $140 us dollars.
keyboard/mouse/speakers/wi-fi adapter included
no os, but thats no problem... will be probably be running ubuntu

seems like a decent upgrade for me, as my current monitor is a flat screen, but first generation with resolution of 1024x768 or whatever those numbers are and the dell mobo supports core 2 duo i believe which would also be nice, i think i can get one for $50 or so....

Your first response will probably be "i would save up so that you can get a better system in the future" but the way things are looking with my lawyers fees, car payment etc i wont have much money for a while, and the 478 computer just isn't doing it for me anymore. and the 478 mobo only supports 400mhz FSB cpu so upgrade would be minimal. What do we all think?

update... was not a flat screen, price now is $100 no monitor, keyboard, mouse. seem worth it? I'm suspecting that it would be a decently fast system. I offered the price of $100, but if i canceled before the night was over. 4x512mb ddr2 ram is about $50... and 2x1gb is $60... so the fact that i'm getting that plus the p4 3.0ghz makes up the price, then the 500gb hd, 775mobo, usb-wifi, are all profit i guess?? thoughts would be helpful. anybody know exactly what cpu's the dimension can take? as stated above i think i saw that it could take core 2 duo, but would like to make sure. thanks for input :)
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