Building new PC, some questions.


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I recently won an ATI Radeon X1900XTX video card, and as my current computer does not have a PCIe slot, I have decided to build a new machine. I have decided on the AMD 64 X2 CPU line. My first question: I am basically down to these 2 CPUs: or The main difference, as I see it is 400 MHZ faster speed on 1, and double the L2 cache on the other, with almost a 200$ price difference. So, for gaming, which is more worthwhile? The Bigger L2 cache or the 400 MHZ.

Second question: Crossfire is a big thing lately, but is it worth it? For now, I am only going to use this 1 video card, but in the future for upgrades, would it be worthwhile to purchase an identical card, much cheaper (and older), instead of buying a newer/faster card with new technology on it? Basically, which is better, the power of 1 new card, or 2 old ones? Though, I think I read that crossfire, unlike SLI, allows you to pair 2 different cards, so if I had a crossfire MB, I could buy that newer card and still use it with my current X1900XTX, which by then would be older, confirm?

Another thing, MBs are such a pain to choose. Brand wise, I know MSI and Asus are popular, and I have read good things about the DFI LAN party crossfire board. Any recommendations for a board that meets these requirements would be awesome. Serial ATA, Crossfire, LAN, DDR2, socket AM2, at least 4GB max RAM, 2 or more PCI slots.

Also the debate of AM2+DDR2 vs. 939+DDR, from my research, price wise the only real difference is the cost of the CPUs, performance is largely the same, atm, but AM2 has more future upgrade potential, which AM3(?) CPUs planning to be compatible with AM2 boards (Not sure). Thoughts/comments?

AND! I want a really over the top, insane heatsink for the CPU I was going to go with this one, but apprently it doesnt support the AM2 socket :(

Links to any articles/reviews on the topics I listed would be great.

Thanks for helping a nubbie like me! ^_^


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I'm guessing the bigger L2 cache will suit better for games, but all X2 CPU's are rather good. I'm afraid those links don't work though... Newegg has a nack for changing them often...


Preferably, go for a motherboard that supports Crossfire, so if you want a card at a later date (Since the card you won is fantastic, so you shouldn't need a new one yet), you can add one.

This may help about the Crossfire question and using different cards:

It seems you have to use the same range of card, but you use 1 that isn't a CrossFire Edition card, and then the next one has to be.


I'm not too good at picking out motherboards though I'm afraid :( I have an Abit board. Abits are great for overclocking potential.


For the CPU cooling if you don't want to keep with the standard, there is nothing better than the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 PRO, for cooling/overclocking potential/ and price!
Trust me, its one of the best ones out there, if not THE best, and is suited to run on alot of sockets. You'll have to check about AM2 though.

Hope this helps. Sorry that I couldn't help anymore.


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I've been doing a load of research and I can't seem to find what I am looking for, which leads me to believe it doesn't exist...

So... Is there such thing as a Socket AM2, Crossfire Xpress 3200/RD580 (Are Xpress 3200 and RD580 the same thing?) motherboard?

Basically, I want the motherboard that is socket AM2, with the best Crossfire compatible chipset in existence today.

Added: Ah, there is such a thing, I found in all my searching, I also found something saying that it is absolutely terrible...
And another one, but with terrible memory options:

So the question becomes!! Is there a socket AM2, RD580 chipset motherboard out there that isn't terrible!!??

I have found plenty of RD200 boards, but apparently RD200 is terrible... Everything is terrible!!!!?!??!?!!?!??

What should I do!?

Added: Rumors of a DFI RD580 motherboard, can't seem to find the thing. Confirm.


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Ok, final specs:

AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 2.8GHz Socket AM2 Dual Core CPU
MSI K9A PLATINUM Athlon 64/fx Socket AM2 CrossFire Xpress 3200 DDR2 PCIe/SATA2/Audio/2xLAN/ATX 7280-010
Corsair XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Dual Channel
Thermaltake W0049 V2.0 (24P) Silent PurePower 680W ATX Power Supply Version 2.01 SATA, PCI-Express Ready

Hard dirves I already have(Serial ATA). RW/DVD and power protector to be bought at Bestbuy. Obviously the ATI X1900XTX I already have. Some full tower ATX case, easy. Seem good? Did I leave something out? What do you think?