Wolfenstein3-D and Spear Of Destiny

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Yes, I know, my obsession with retro games is disturbing... but who remembers these great games. What did you like about them, what did you dislike about them, what was your favourite episode? etc.

P.S If you still like wolfy, you can get an excellent TC called Project: Totengraeber, from www.wolf3dbunker.com [incase anyone's interested.]
I know ive played them but havnt for a long long time.
That long i cant really remember much about them:D

*goes to refress memory.
Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny might be retro, but there is a new Wolfenstein. They were one of my first favorites, along with Blake Stone (remember that one?).

I don't remember episode number/name, but there is one boss that had a chaingun right hand and rocket launcher left hand........that was a good one!
Yeah, I remember Blake Stone it was pretty good but it didn't have the same atmosphere as wolfenstein3d. One of the reasons I like Wolfy so much is that it has excellent level design, yes the engine is VERY dated, and only a 16 bit dos engine, but who cares? Also, it brings back memories playing that game. I used to play it at my m8s with my m8 and his older brothers, that was only the sharware episode. I now have all 6 plus spear. I'll see if I can remember that bosses name you were talking about.
Have you played the new Wolfenstein? We've already beat it without cheats. But, of course, you can save it anywhere, die, and then come back........but that's kinda' legal cheat, hehe.

The secret areas are a little harder to find than the original game.

Well I can say I liked RTCW very much :D

I think a very long time ago me and a friend of mine played a demo CW when we where like 6 or something, and we where drooling at the graphics..................

But I dont remeber a thing from the game
*goes back a long time*

When I was about 4 or so, I played Castle Wolfenstein on the school's Apple II (I believe it was also on the C64 as well), though I can't remember much.

I then started playing Wolf3D and the 2-and-1/2-D graphics were pretty stunning, and tough as well. :p Nowadays I just get the game for my GBA.

RTCW is what I play now, and been only playing it for the past several months has given me some skill at both SP and MP... almost not really like the original (bigger environments, but the good old shooting Nazis), but what's missing from Wolf3D is the cry of "Mein Lieben!" :D
know how where i can get wolfenstein and spear?

anybody know where i can get wolfenstein 3d and spear at, ive always wanted to play it but i've only had the shareware version. so if anyone knows that would be great.
Though Wolfenstein 3D still holds the copyright by the developer, it for some reason has appeared on abandonware sites. Freeoldies.com is a good place to start searching.
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