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I played the RE4 remake. It was quite good. It doesn't exactly live in my world, however. I didn't really care about the other remakes since 2019 either, but I did complete them.

In my opinion, the 2005 release of RE4 was the game that made the franchise and related genre become totally silly. A major reason as to why RE games aren't scary any more is because they use the same overpowered personnel, such as Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield. When you keep playing the same wisecracking agent and doing karate and wrestling moves and doing stunts with a pistol, it just looks a hell of a dumb.

I am "thesaunderschild" in the RE fandom. So you may have seen me on YouTube, posting vlogs about the series, or tuning into other people's live streams.

Basically, old survival horror games made you find items. In RE4, villagers drop bullets, grenades and stuff. This is particularly silly, since you can clearly see these people don't have guns. The fact that you can buy fancy weaponry from a vendor too is why you cannot call RE4 a true 'survival horror' experience.

Then you have the associated creatures and bosses, that are not remotely indicative of what you typically come across in the franchise. They were especially corny after RE4. If you've played games like RE8 as well, you'll see what I mean...

In RE8, you come across this tall vampire like woman called Alcina Dimitrescu who wears a hat, and she lived in a castle with her three daughters. This is why fans created all of these ridiculous memes about her sexiness. But overall, the game was absolutely stupid. It wasn't scary.

The main character has a daughter, who grows up to be like Heather Mason from the Silent Hill games. They even have a section where you have to avoid mannequins in a creepy house, so I definitely feel as if they were just copying Konami. Because in the Silent Hill games, you usually encounter evil nurses, and mannequins have been known to attack you too.

I just prefer the old games about the zombie outbreaks and the Umbrella storyline concerning their viruses. This to me was what defined the series. But RE4 essentially changed the franchise forever.

Now, Capcom had Raccoon City nuked in RE3, which came out way back in 1999. But every so often, they feel the need to revisit Raccoon City in these crappy mediums like those Hollywood movies and that awful Netflix series. Yet Capcom approved of this rubbish.

I'd rather they just found a way to finish the series on a positive note. It's become so convoluted with how long they've dragged it out over the years. Capcom has milked it way too much, and the plot has ended up becoming so incoherent.
I agree with the overall sentiment, but I gotta say - I love the original Resi 4 and think that the remake was pretty awesome as well!
Still, they're not survival horror games at their core, no doubts there. They're just games based around shooting guns from an over-the-shoulder or a first-person perspective, just set in "spooky" environments. RE 7 is probably the one closest to being a survival horror, and yes - RE 8 doesn't even try to be anything other than a playable "haunted mansion" attraction
Thank you. I am glad you agree.


Don't be surprised if the T-Virus is revealed to have came from aliens. LOL. Because that's the super ridiculous category I can see Capcom eventually taken the series.

All of that said, there's a lot of games coming out this fall, that look way more appealing.

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