How to stay anonymous and untraceable on the internet?


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Just to assure you that I'm not into any shady stuff, I need to know this because: I have this boss and this "higher-up". We all are part of a marginal institute that is owned by the regime. To make it clear how important this is for me, I live somewhere where VPNs and Proxies are not luxuries, they're needed for the most basic stuff online. Remember North Korea? Yeah, I live somewhere like that where even YouTube and Facebook are blocked! Now, the higher-up is someone deeply corrupted. He tries to force women apprentices to go to his house and basically hook up with them. None of the apprentices consented to that so far and they're very uncomfortable too but under the pressure of him abusing his power and them getting fired, they try dodging and staying silent. This ****bag higher-up have assaulted me during a time where I was forced to work with him. He also seems to be having some close relations with the boss. EVERYONE among the normal workers hates him. He screams and swears at people randomly or wishes people who don't bend to his ultimately unreasonable requests dead!!! I have no clue how (and why) he's still alive to be honest since he's received many threats and complaints so far due to the messed up things he does BUT he totally defaced me and went behind my back and told other higher-ups bad things about me because I refused to continue to work with him after the assault. I have no proof of it and here I doubt he'd be in any troubles even if I managed to prove that since here everything is based on relations not actual rules or laws. Long story short: 1) I don't want him continuing this sick game and if we were in a decent country he'd be rotting in jail by now. Targeting inexperienced girls young enough to be his daughters and trying to force sex on them (yes, that's rape and any decent legal system condemns that but not where I am) is truly sickening and being aware of this, I feel responsible to do something to stop this since he apparently is encouraging some other higher-ups to do the same and 2) since here the subordinate has to stay silent and suffer, I kept silent when he was screaming and swearing at me but the anger was still there, boiling underneath. I want revenge for him making me miserable for the whole 6 months I suffered because of him.

To at least try to achieve those, I want to let the boss know about how "some" of his higher-ups are "doing their jobs". I know it might not matter but IF others have been there complaining, it might give him the final push to kick the felon. SO, I read a lot and for example I know of this kid in Harvard who got caught when he sent some stupid posts to the school using TOR and Guerillamail. They said that Guerillamail sent his IP to the school and using that, they found out that he was using TOR and they searched for TOR users on the Internet Network of the school and found one person who used TOR while logged with his student ID when the email was posted. Now there are many things I don't get here, like would he not be found if he was using some regular ISP out there instead of the internet from the school itself? What could he do to stay anonymous then? Even using a public network wouldn't work since almost all public ones are 1. used by a few people at the time and 2. protected by CCTVs at the location.

As for myself, I use the internet provided from a regular ISP company and they have of course registered my name and the ISPs here are closely monitored by the regime. The institute itself is somehow related to the regime, so if they wanted, they could use whatever equipment they have on governmental level to find out who sent the message. My connection is a Wifi LAN and I don't know if the traffic could be seen on it as easily as it would be in Harvard. What do you think?

Also, I have internet from my phone too, but the Simcard is also registered under my name. Would the internet from my simcard provide more anonymity or the WiFi one?

Any suggestions to stay hidden and untraceable with all this being said? I'd like to do whatever I can to stop this felon from doing innocent people wrong anymore.

P.S.: There is also something about DNS leakage I saw online. Should someone who wants to stay anonymous use a software for that too?

I realize that you might be worried that someone from the dark side of the internet might be reading this too, so feel free to PM me if you felt like what you had to say could make the life of a cyber felon out there easier.

Thank you in advance and sorry about rambling for too long, just wanted to clarify that I'm not some cyber criminal asking this question.
If you live there don't talk online, period. Bahrain, for example, does much business with usa tech sector. Bahrainis use drones and surveillance tech and show up to people's house with police holding anti regime texts or posts and geotag and use that as pretext for beating and arrest. You absolutely cannot speak freely in a place like that, and relying on vpn is suicide. Sorry USA not much better if they suspect you. One of the only things we have going against our regime is they are collecting and storing more data than they can compute but that gap is narrowing.
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