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Hi all,
New poster here, not a whole lot of know how so any advice can you give me in a novice type fashion?
So I purchased a baby monitor, Summer Liv Cam, basically the way it works is it has its own Wi-Fi network and I then use my phones (iOS) Wi-Fi to connect to the Cam and open the app, voila I can view the cam. Problem is I can't connect to my home WiFi whilst using the cam. Nor can I access it if I'm not within 75m (the advertised range of the cam)

Would anyone know of a workaround for this? How I can set it up or play about with anything so that I can access it whilst not home I'd say I move the camera downstairs to keep an eye on the dog when I'm out. Then use it at night when I'm home for the baby. Or even just so I can still have my phone connected to my home WiFi whilst still being able to view the baby cam. Anyone got any experience with this or any advice other than throw it out and get a new one 😂 and of course still keeping it secure so that no one else can access my baby's cam.



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just looks like it uses peering, so no way to connect to it over the internet, I believe its app based only device.

Looks like its designed for that purpose , indoor use only whilst your down stairs.
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