Who has a Game Cube?

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I do, it is very nice. But I heard that I should have gotten an X BOX. But my Game Cube is still pretty nice with nice graphics.
I too own a GC. I just wish there were more games out for it at the moment.
Right now Im workin on Super Smash Bros: Melee...fun stuff!
I have it and there are a lot nice GC out right now: Super Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, Starfox Adventures, and Robotech: Battlecry. More are coming this year too like Metroid Prime.
I do, i saved up for it and everything. So happy when i got it.
Now i dont even touch the samn thing, its not that i dont like it, its just that am a dumb ass that likes to waste money and not thinking of what will happen :)
Yeah. I have one as well.

I also think nintendo do do kiddy games but they should make more adulty ones if they want to beat the xbox.

I have res evil and it rocks!
oh god, not again with the kiddy-like image.

The Gamecube has many good games. For those of you making blind accusations, step back and look at some of the flagship titles including Metroid Prime. You won't find a more solid game released in 2002 then Prime. Also take a look at Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil, heck even BMX XXX if you want to push the limits of good taste.

I'm just naming the best I've playing that have no aim towards the "kiddies". The Gamecube has a wide variety of games, for all ages. Just because of a games that don't show blood like Zelda: Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine exist on this system doesn't mean its for babies.

I'm sick of all this banboy shit. The XBox is a great console too, as is the PS2. Thats why they sell. But remember Nintendo has never been second in sales in the videogame industry, so they must be doing something right.

oh, yeah. I have a gamecube :D
i have a GC. its pretty cool for the most part, except the lack of good "mature" games. there are a few, but not really enough to boast about. but for the most part, its pretty cool. and its small, which is great.
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