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In 2009 i heard 3G transponders were being installed over roof tops of many residential buildings and at many places like metro bridges etc. So the connectivity of 3G mobile phones networking was first seen established and various companies network providers came into being. Like reliance 3G, BPL, vodafone, aircel, idea, BPL, MTNL , airtel, bsnl, MTN, tata docomo....etc. By advertising and promotions these companies sold many a sims to most of india populations and lured them to buy mobile phones at cheapest rates. So rates at validity vouchers for a months times to call rates lesser than landlines of 2.5p/sec with message sending charges extra. Now they then introduced 4G telecome band from some TRAI company, and then many sim people companies increased the charges from 35 rupees charging to 55 minimum for one month validity. Many people from villagers relished in 4g connectivity in video calling and one the go video viewing on their mobile devices so charging it at 500 rupees per month rates to even 900 calling every hour. This was in year 2013 2014....then these mobile companies say they were in debts and they all were not able to manage so many sim card customers accounting to 93 millions customers say buying 3 mobiles each....so total 279 million mobile 3g handsets. So this gave many people who were once network electronic engineers of 1750s to turn to their brains books to open small time mobile repair shops for damaged pieces. So when these 4g got older, and then 5G came, they asked many customers to throw away their 3G GSM handsets in trash. So this 279 million mobile number now grew to double 600 million mobile variants coming into the market pieces. Now in 2020 after they celebrated the coming of 5G....these people now have only airtel, idea, vodafone and BSNL, while others have closed down their services. So many sim cards became inoperable and dongles they all asked to throw them away. Now they have fixed permanent payments, like as we buy birthday cakes , or toothpaste every months expenditure, these people service providers now have pricing system of 179 rupees to 300 rupees for 27 days only with no message service in sometimes, and bad quality sounds. Now the common men women who don't have decent salary or dependent in shops as well, they have all pieces to show off, but how all can manage to charge so much every month end...? We need some black adder technology of new TRAI service mobile giving at cheap rates? Most people 70% remain still in rural and local middle class people who now have to see their childrens education expenditure or mobile servicing? so its a sorry state india is being led into? So say in india at the end of every month 600 million people having mobiles charge their handsets at the same time, so 300 rupees lets say they recharge amounting total to 180 billion rupees, profiting to these companies airtel, vodafone, idea, jio, bsnl. So in a year its really mind boggling, that why these TRAI people are taking so much money from the poor people as well? Now 5G handsets have arrived and many shops have put on offers on public ID and with bank loans that if customer pays 50 rupees only then on monthly paying basis they can purchase new mobile phone with two year term. So phone costs at 8000 rupees to 16k rupees to even more. Or is it on rotational basis, that a group set of people families use some money and charge their mobile phones go to work, and other groups sit at home, and later after two years different groups take over and they then recharge their phones?
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It's crazy how the mobile tech landscape has evolved, right? From 3G to 5G, the pricing game keeps changing. I feel you on the high costs, especially for the common folks. Maybe more affordable options will pop up in the future.
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