Where should I go to buy a custom desktop?

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So I have about $12-1300 to spend on a new desktop. I debated building it myself but I have very little time and it's been ages since I've built one. I'd rather pay a premium to have it built for me.

That being said, this computer will primarily be used for image editing. That is, a lot of work with LARGE files in adobe photoshop and lightroom. I'm a semi-professional photographer so it's important to me to have a computer that can keep up with the workload.

Aside from that I do some gaming. I wan't to be able to play games like modern warfare 2, assasins creed, etc on high visual settings. I also use my computer as a source for my multimedia and plan to run it into my TV for viewing HD movies etc.

I'm not really sure on the difference between RAM speeds now. But I know I need a solid video card, a decent amount of ram, and a cpu that can keep up. I would prefer a video card that could run out to two monitors (not a necessity) and has an HDMI output.

So yah.... Where's a good place to get a custom computer that falls into the above description? A friend recommended ibuypower.com but I've read both really good and really horrible reviews of the company. Also, it seems that they slightly overcharge for their product.

Any recommendations on where I should be shopping for this PC would be appreciated.

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