What are you listening to/watching now?


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Right now I'm listening to popular rock bands like Linkin Park or System of a down. Also during this month I am watching Sarah Alhuri (don't think this is spam, I really enjoy watching her). This is my first time modeling this way, but there's something about it. I didn't like it before. By the way, I forgot one more thing, I'm listening to Wintersun right now and it's just an incredible musical lineup. Just check it out and tell me what you think of it. I'm newbei here:)

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Been watching some of interest to me. The Harry Potter series. also the Hobbit and the lord of the rings series. I have read them in book form so i got those entire series to watch. Even with the changes they made for the movies i feel that they still have made good movies. I had to watch them over three times to find the differences in the movies over the books.


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Cool, it's one of my favorite songs, I spent my college years listening to it.
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