What are you listening to/watching now?

Re: what are you listen to now

Roxette - The look

Yeah i know what you guys are thinking :rolleyes:

Its 4:45 am i'm tired and my mp3 is on shuffle and i just don't feel like changing it! :p
Roxette is not bad at all.
I have their Discography in FLAC on my External HDD, sometimes I listen to 1 or 2 of their tunes, remember they were a sensation back then.
I am mostly a Metal-Head but on occasion, I listen to some real good Pop;)
looks like a great concert, although I do not have the time currently to view in it's entirety....but for some reason that lead singer reminds me of Sam Kinison.
I only watched the whole thing because the original is on DVD and this is upscaled to 1080p and 48fps so it looked a lot better. I think I'm going to rip that video actually for my own media collection since the dude such a good job at the upscale.

Oh the comedian that screams the punch line? I see what you did there lol.
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