What Song Or Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

Not bad for lake side waves, but definitely NOT canoe weather! That kind of weather is great for sitting inside ands wondering what summer is going to be like. :ROFLMAO:

and I have been experimenting with the YT Music on my phone lately. Not the greatest, but since the whole family has premium, might as well play with it.
no... not even close.
I live in the southern half. I think I posted here at one time that we went up to Porcupine Mt which almost a two day drive. It's about " " far from Minnesota, out in the middle of nowhere with no phone or internet services, and only one radio station we could get. A nice place to totally unplug

Edit: that was video'd in the first week of October. Can't imagine what Lake Superior looks like in November, it is a very cold lake and they say if you drown they won't find you because it is so cold even in the summer that the bacteria that would make you float does not exist in low temps. You'll be marine bait on the bottom until your gone
Thats a relief to know your not living near those rough waves! Whew! It sounds like a ice area to unwind though.
Put a new DSP in my car so lately been obsessed with playing this. Even the wife got in the passenger seat while I was tuning it and asked for this song. Not normally what I listen to while driving but it's a good beat.

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