What anti-virus software do you use?

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Ive been using the trial AVG anti-virus control system for about a week and it seems alot better than Norton so far. Stability, less of a resource hog..When I get around to buying some I think this may be it.
Well, I was using Nortons, but I installed the trial of AVG on the recomendations of some other members and it caught 7 viruses... I was totally shocked.
Whoa really?
Were you infected by AVG? And was it AVG that detected them? Heheh, that just seems odd for anti-virus software to contain viruses.

It did find 2 trojan infected files when I ran it the first time, but I wasnt suprised since I had been using kazaa without anti-virus software before that.
Oh ok then, im relieved to hear that it just detected the viruses.

ps: Microbell, these days it seems like even *smart* downloading could put your pc at risk without virus protection.
Its kind of like sleeping around without a condom IMO.

And yeah, I know my kazaa downloading isnt exactly *smart*:p.
Kazaa is like the town whore, you are certain to catch something messing around with it, hehe.
AVG is good. It picked up one that I had downloaded from Kazaa (hehe yes I do go there occasionally :p) I think it's one of the best I've used. I tried McAfee and it bogged down my memory. I need to add more soon.
I have Norton 2003 but I prefer AVG. AVG uses less resources and updats are more often. I only use Norton since i paid $50 for it. Once it's old as in 2004 comes out, it's AVG time.

Plus AVG did find viruses on my PC that Norton missed. I haven't got an update from Norton in weeks. Makes me a bit nervous but hey, no problems so far.
I got AVG at my disposal now. :D

Why? Because installing Norton 2003 really fscked up my system, and had to force me to go deep digging into my registry before it was completely out. Their manual uninstall prog didn't help either. :mad:
Got Rid of Norton 2002 by reformatting reinstalling Win98SE. now its AVG 6 Free Edition. Norton was too Stubborn,.

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