hello & mostly clueless & would appreciate mac security help after trojan attack!


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hi everyone
i came here browsing the internet for an IT forum, b/c personally i am mostly clueless, and i am seriously in need of some advice, hope this is the place look!
my bank account was recently hijacked by malware, i dont know which kind or how i got it, all i can say is it managed to lock me outside of my account, but thankfully it also triggered some alarms my bank had in place so damage is minimal.
i am however seriously spooked, and want to avoid this happening again. i think there are two possibilities how my system could have gotten infected, to my knowledge i did not click on any dubious links:

1. i am using a 2012 macbook. it is running an up to date antivirus software (bitdefender), but the osx (catalina 10.15.7) is outdated as this computer is no longer supported by apple. is it possible something got on my computer exploiting the outdated operating system, despite the up to date bitdefender?
2. i have been using my iphone to generate banking tans via push tan, naively assuming ios was safe from malware, but this is also an older model (1st generation SE), and only received the recent security update (15.7.9) after the trojan attack.

now that my online banking has been closed by my bank and i am going to restart everything in a secure environment i am wondering how to do this:

1. do i need to buy a new computer (or phone or both) that can run an up-to-date operating system, or should daily updated antivirus software be enough?
2. it seems obvious i need to change passwords, but how far does this extend? do i need to set up new emails adresses, phone numbers too?
3. anything i am forgetting?

please let me know if i should post this somewhere else & thanks for any help!
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