Which database provider do you use for your databases?


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Hello to you all!

I have been using open source software for years, so that my server at home is not overloaded. But since I am so unhappy with the provider of this software, I want to change it. It is important to me that I can access my data from everywhere, so the system has to be cloud based. I also want the transfer to work quickly and easily, without slowing down. I have heard that there are also proivders that can network with several databases.

What do you think about this, do you think it is good and recommendable? Or should I rather limit myself to one system?


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Hello Everyone,
I have been in this industry and have met a lot of database service providers but EasyLeadz is one of the finest online database service providers having rich experience in providing good quality data.
Some of the important aspects you should look at while buying Business-to-Business (B2B) data is:

(1). The freshness of the data
(2). Overall fitment to your targeting needs
(3). Email deliverability accuracy (ideally aim for 90–95%)
(4). Cost per contact
(5).Speed of the data delivery

Hope that helps.
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