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Hey all! Now that we accrued a few members leaving abroad and in different time zones, a feel like we need a better system to oversee the daily happenings. Something that will act like a single directory for all of the folders we share among all working laptops, for better visibility. To explain it better - we sometimes fail to keep up with the latest contributions made while some of us were sleeping, so we continue thinking we're looking at the final version of a given doc, only to find out that it isn't so, it's just that one of the other members named that file a bit different (for example). Quite silly but also annoying mistakes, yes...
So, can anyone point out some software we can try to get the workflow in order? As the title states - a sort of an online filing cabinet that all members will have access to, and one that sets itself in order in a way that highlights the most recent additions to a folder?
Also, I'd prefer something easily integrable with windows, if possible
The popular project management tools like Trello and Asana should help you out as well, I find them easy to follow and they keep track of the latest changes by default. Also, perhaps look into the popular DMS tools (like Office 365, for example)
I few more names I forgot to mention yesterday, all Windows compatible and with free trials: Templafy, NetDocuments, FileCenter and M-Files. Also, here's a list of other DMS tools that should fit the bill. By that I mean apps with built-in OCR, version control, a UI that resembles Windows and integrates with that OS by default, etc.
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