unable to create outlook profile for non-administrator account


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I have recently installed office 2000 on Windows 2000 machine.
I have created a administrator account.
This is for a corporate firm. When a user logs on that is on the network which i have not set up with a account, as any user that logs on will be automatically created with documents & settings folder as long as they are on the network to enable them to log on.
The problem is when i attempt to allow the user to access microsoft outlook 2000 ( to create a new profile for the user) it displays the message the the user does not have administrative privileges to create a outlook profile.
i do not want to give the account administrator rights for security reasons just allow the user to add a profile in order to access outlook.
Is there possible solution for the user to add a outlook profile without giving them administrator rights?


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Why don't you log on the pc as the user and create a profile so.
Right click outlook and "runas" administrator rights and then log of the user and log back on and try it.
It should be working depending on you network settings.