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Hi, I have an Internal Tv Tuner card, which I was told by the one who gave it to me that it was excel, It has a philips tuner,

It recieves all the channels fine, But on the channels there is lines going down the screen, I have tried fine tuning it to no avail,
I am using an EXTERNAL antennae with a splitter to another tv, and the other tv it goes to is fine, I have also tried an indoor antennae, which is the same results
Here is a screenshot of what it looks like

Thanks for any help,

Ps any more info needed ill see what I can do


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schultzy92 said:
please, any helpwould be appreciated

it seems to me like the signal going into the card isnt strong enough...i told some other person this a couple weeks ago...the TV Tunre cards for PCs suck compared to TV tuners...
for equal pictures quality you need a much larger/clearer(less disotrted) signal on the PC card