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I've got a 2009 Dell inspiron 1521 laptop running windows 10.

I use the luma signal fron the S-video port to feed an old B/W TV.

It detects the TV fine, but recently I redid rhe mono audio system in the room the laptop is in and I got some noise in the speaker that only happens when the TV is on.

I tried a video ground loop isolator and the laptop doesn't detect the TV now.

Any idea why?
old tv's like those with crt tubes put out an interference to audio. Older types of home AV speakers used sheilded speakers for this reason. I suppose you could attempt a faraday cage around your
In this instance it was because the video cable was near the audio cable, but had thought maybe it was a ground loop of some sort as it only happened when the TV was turned on.

I have since moved the TV and the video cable is nowhere near the audio cable.

No noise now.

Just trying to figure out why the ground loop isolator caused the TV to not be detected.
I know there's USB to VGA and USB to HDMI adapters, but is there a USB to s-video adapter?

I've tried searching, but mostly what comes up are USB video capture devices which is the exact opposite of what I need.


I plan on putting a 24" HDTV on the computer.

It only has HDMI inputs so when I get the TV I'll buy a USB to HDMI adapter.
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