The Legendary Story of The Fujian IT Hero-BOOKSIR


Booksir is a famous name in the IT zone, yet his real name is seldom known to the public. Booksir's slogan of “SHUSHENG's objective for the internet to change people's life, SHUSHENG's belief that nothing is impossible and SHUSHENG's spirit of continuous efforts” has been carved into the company's culture and been put into actual practice. This is a lunatic, the one who has completely given up pursuing money, and is the only Internet Chairman in China, who has relied absolutely on profits to succeed in the transition.

>>Reporter: Pan Hong Ming

Giving up Being a Police Officer To Become a Chairman
During the ten years of being a policeman, he worked hard and became the youngest chief detective in the region, and the youngest captain of the criminal policemen. Aside from the intense and risky work, he finished the eight courses of autocontrol, administrative management, computer, law, lawyer, psychology, internet planning, and marketing. All this is just to prove such a saying as “Nothing is impossible”

Just when his relatives and friends thought that he would have a bright future, he, a 29- year- old young man resigned the job of a policeman, and went for internet business! This decision developed into a family disaster, for his parents threatened to commit suicide in order to dissuade him from doing so. They did at all costs to explain the consequences, but ended up in the separation between Booksir and his parents. Respect from neighbours and relatives, the criminals being convinced, admiration from his colleagues, pride of his children, a stable income……all these vanished completely. As a beginner in the Internet sector, he had to start afresh in everything. The only impression he left on other people was “This guy is mad.”

Therefore SHUSHENG Company was “born” in the Internet world, with the name Booksir being added to the IT sector. He has a Chinese name (Zhuang Liang Ji), but very few people in the sector know his real name. Once at a company gathering, he mentioned to his colleagues:“My Chinese name represents the history of my policeman career, it is a glory that has already passed by. Leading my men to start up a new business in IT sector, I have full confidence in defeating our competitors. When we succeed, we cannot let others misunderstand that I have used my past relations and resources; so Booksir is the pronoun of my new life.” Therefore Booksir appeared, a name that his friends and relatives did not know. Many people in the trade do not know his Chinese name. The name of SHUSHENG Company was derived from this word (Booksir).

Those who want to set up their business in IT sector all have a dream of making a fortune, but when Booksir started his business, he first concluded an unprofitable deal by gathering from the internet a couple of people who put culture in the first place to form SHUSHENG Culture Website.
After 6 months of hard work, they completed the entry of a capacity of 50G cultural data which is equivalent to the storage capacity of several national standard museums. They have also turned SHUSHENG Culture Website into the most presentable cultural website in China, which is also a unique and large-scale privately-operated commonweal website. In eight years he has spent almost a million on its maintenance. Again some people, including his staff said, “This guy is crazy”.

From RMB8000 To 100 Million, it's speed.

After the construction of the Culture Website, he was faced with huge expenses. Till then he thought of starting up commercial operations. He began to step on a new field, that is, information-based service and Electronic Commerce. At this moment, his cumulative possessions were reduced to RMB8000 and 4 cheap computers. Taking advantage of his eloquence as well as confidence with passion, he succeeded in persuading the first group of people to join in with the company, and started building up the company's sales representative team.

Despite having only 8 people, RMB8000 and 4 computers, the company bears an extraordinary idea of never lying to the customers, never jumping a red traffic signal and never sitting on specially-prepared seats on public transport. In March 2002, they had a chance to do direct-marketing for the Product 3721. SHU SHENG was rejoiced for the first time to take an order to the amount of RMB15000, thus becoming Yahoo's agent for 3721. Yet after the signing of the agency agreement, business was totally inactive for nearly 2 months. That was not only a question of money matter. The most significant thing was that the new team was receiving from the market a kind of test and endurance. A small deal of even RMB1 at that time would mean a breakthrough. The torture had nothing to do with money, nor with achievements.

Booksir had only one idea in mind, i.e. he should not let the pressure destroy the great dream of his fellow brothers and the founders of SHUSHENG Company. Therefore, on every tiring night after the depressing meetings during the day, he would take SHUSHENG's young team to the park, barbeque village and the night market. By means of laugher, encouragement and alcohol, love became the core of bond within the SHU SHENG team.
On 14th May, 2002 SHU SHENG signed the contract for “Lu Li Stone”. That day, Booksir wept and SHU SHENG became intoxicated.

In August 2003,by achieving amounts of RMB 1.8 million in autonym marketing, RMB 720000 in website construction, RMB 60000 in storage space and RMB 25000 in domain names, SHU SHENG became one of the top three in sales within the country, though the internet service market is rare and new to him, Booksir used 3 months and created a myth for the first time in history! 2 years later, SHU SHENG's cumulative sales amount reached almost RMB 100 million, the number of customers being 24000.

Everything Returned To the Start, it's courage.

The rapid development of SHU SHENG made Booksir a mythical person; from the beginning, the headquarters of SHU SHENG moved many times, from Jinjiang to Quanzhou, from Quanzhou to Xiamen, and finally from Xiamen to Beijing. Developed from a small company to a company with a working team of almost a thousand, having 13 branches, and being puffed up with pride, Booksir started to fulfill his dream of establishing local informationization service empire earlier than planned.

Setting up a business in Beijing is a dream of many people, Booksir went there too, he registered Hong Kong SHU SHENG Company in advance, and used all the money he had accumulated in the past two years to develop business search engine , but due to lack of preparation, Booksir took back a crude search engine with millions of RMB lost. In August,2004, Booksir changed his profession, and sadly left the direct-marketing headquarters that had 416 people, office and 13 branch companies. October that year contained the gloomiest days since SHU SHENG was established, all the fellow brothers wept. Booksir's heart was bleeding, the fellow brothers' hearts were bleeding too.

The enormous SHU SHENG became quiet suddenly, Booksir returned to initial period of setting up a business, he had only 13 people at his side and a pile of carefully planned projects and products. 4 hours before leaving Beijing, one of Booksir's close friends lent him RMB 20000 which solved the problem of letting the 13 people who followed him and himself to return to Xiamen. Eliminating the price of the flight tickets, the rest were given to his 13 fellow brothers in a red bag containing money as a new year gift, On the Spring Festival 2004, Booksir guarded the SHU SHENG product line which had been planned and prepared for a long time and spent the new year alone, nobody knows if this tough guy cried or not!

From being a policeman to Booksir was a return to the start, from a millionaire to the need to borrow money to pass the new year was another return to the start! Only one thing did not return to the start, it is the dream to establish the best informationization and electronic commerce service facilitator! The headquarters of SHU SHENG shifted back to Xiamen, after re-thought, Booksir led his 13 SHU SHENG warriors and disappeared from the Internet world, he rented two “villas” which had been built in the 1990s, greatly concentrated on the perfecting and the development of products and projects; and deeply researched in the features and abuses of market service, he spent a day which needed money the most by selling 9 cars and hundreds of computers which had once belonged to the company, and the money collected were all put into technical development. At this time, people said again:”This person is crazy.”


Refight On The Market, it's responsibility

“Brothers, let's have another try! SHU SHENG's second time of setting up a business has started.” After lying up for 6 months, Booksir took up the phone and summoned the SHUSHENG “warriors” together. In March, 2005, around 30 people crowded in a narrow “villa”, and released the first type of initiative marketing software for electronic commerce —SHANG YOU! But at that time the funds of SHUSHENG Company were less than RMB100000!

Booksir split SHUSHENG into four independent units such as Xiamen SHUSHENG Cultural Transmission which took autonym marketing agency as their main force, Xiamen SHUSHENG World Software which took software development as their main force, Xiamen SHUSHENG Zongheng which took the operation of electronic commerce as their main force and Xiamen SHUSHENG Earth which took Xiamen market sales as their main force, thus forming four fields of guaranteed technique, funds, business services and market research. He also brought Shantou SHUSHENG Company and Quanzhou SHUSHENG Company into their agent system to launch a market fortified battle of nationwide informationization and local electronic commerce service. In May, 100 channel companies gathered under SHUSHENG Company. In July, the total breaking-through of the technical development of was announced. The purchase of an instant messaging company in Shenzhen and a searching technology company in Shanghai was announced in August. In November they purchased a Software Garden Office Building which occupied an area of 1200 square meters. In December, they formed the China Market Union which included 300 channel agents. Within 9 months in 2005, SHUSHENG's total sales exceeded RMB100 million. At that time, Booksir, who once again came onto the stage, was truly crazy!

Booksir said that he would accomplish the plan of getting 1000 companies into the union by the end of 2006. He would abandon the leading products such as inefficient searching, wireless and electronic business town station and change them into a “one-stop service” mode like infrastructure, domain name construction, SHU SHENG business software, business searching, the popularization of China Famous Brand Net, B2B platform, interactive marketing, business assistant CRM management, common-use OA, bringing, selling and storing of goods and etc. He was prepared to create a local myth without external risky investment. According to what he said, “To rescue the informationization application and electronic commerce service market of China's small and medium enterprises which have been tortured to exhaustion by the capital.”

To summarize his four-year experience, Booksir always adheres to his slogan of “SHUSHENG'S objective for the internet to change people's life, SHUSHENG's belief that nothing is impossible and SHUSHENG'S spirit of continuous efforts”, which has carved deeply into the company's culture and been put into actual practice. This is a lunatic, the one who has completely given up pursuing money, and is the only Internet Chairman in China, who has relied absolutely on profits to succeed in the transition. The myth of year 2006 is continuing, with sales reaching RMB300 million. He has always said, “Myths are to be created, not just for people to believe in.” However, the SHUSHENG staff firmly believes that success come, since this is a company whose staff might get fired if they jump the red traffic signal accidently.