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Since I just bought my new rig, Im desiding on what should I do with my old one with the ff specs:

Intel P4 2.66ghz lga775
asus p5p800s i845p chipset
inno3d geforce fx5200 128mb 128bit AGP
768mb ddr333

i plan on getting 2x1gb ddr400 first so i think that should be fine..My question is, which video card should I buy? i know this intel cpu is not that good in gaming compared to 939 amd counterparts. So I am thinking wheter I get ATI or Nvidia? Nvidia make good cards I know and ATI has faster cards but has known bug issues? Since ATI cards are faster, will it make my old rig boost since my cpu is little behind amd and ATI will compensate it somehow? Or better change to nvidia card also?


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Whatever the hype, NVidia and ATI aren't too far apart in speed. I've always found nVidia cards to be more reliable and since half a frame per second isn't really worth bug issues, I'd just go with an nVidia.

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That could be a nice dedicated server for LAN parties, lol.

I bet you could run a smooth 30 client server.
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