Gpu issue BETTER performance on battery mode?!? 7-10 FPS on Heaven benchmark. Give me some ideas pls


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Hi, thank's for reading, i really need new ideas, i've tried everything i know.

-- Problem Statement
-- Specs
-- Test made
-- Direct Question

Problem statement:
Suddenly all visual application (i.e games) started to lag and went down to 10 FPS. The gpu works when i use it for coding with cuda and the gpu memory is fine, however the lag does not allow me to watch high resolution videos use the second monitor smoothly and play any game. When i use the laptop in battery mode the performance are better but still laggy :muro:

This laptop. Basically gpu nvidia 1060 6GB and Intel UHD 620, 1920 display, i7 and all the typical stuff. Eventually an external monitor 2k from HP.
Driver installed: Nvidia 445.87 (updated to 12/05), Intel Chipset_Intel_CFL_W10_64_V101175418066 (updated to 12/05), Bios AS.311 (last update).
If need futher information pls contact me.

Test made
I've made a video to show the problem with some dignostic tool enabled (black screen between a/c and battery mode)
So far i tried:
-any configuration for nvidia control panel following several tutoria on parameter tuning as this.
-any combination for power manager settings
-testing memory with GpuMemTest
-changing termal paste and cleaning fan
-reinstalling windows keeping files
-change ssd with a newone and clean install windows
-use older version for Gpu Intel and Bios driver
-disable nvidia gpu and reinstalling it with DDU
-disable intel gpu and reinstalling it with DDU (using external screen to bypass integrated GPU)

Direct Question
How can i exclude that my nvidia gpu have hardware issue?
What other test should i do?
Could lag in laptop be caused by badly/broken power distribution?
Any idea to resolve my problems?

I will do my best to fast replay but i have time only on weekends :cav:. I will try to install ubuntu and make some test with unix next week.
Thank's a lot for your help. If i'm missing something or abusing please let me know.
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