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Hello forum!

I need your help, I've noticed that I'm not getting FPS I should while playing games.
For example I'm playing Call of Duty: Warzone on 1080p low graphics and I barely hit 140-150 fps.
Apex Legends - 170 on the same 1080p low-med graphics, WoW Classic - 180-190fps.. etc
And yeah I got problem when I'm trying to run CoD: WWII, it always goes black screen and fans goes to 100%..

My specs:

Intel Core i9-9900k (Coffee Lake)
Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z370M DS3H-CF
RAM: Corsair 32GB 3200MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Zotac RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB

My CPU usage while playing games is around 35-45%, while GPU is at 99-100%, but when I'm launching CoD:WWII my GPU went to 0% and then appears Black Screen and fans goes to 100%

Is this CPU usage okay?
Does my GPU is working properly?
Check your background tasks that may be using resources. Other than that it's comparable to what I get FPS wise.

WW2 is an older game, I'm not sure what could be causing it. When playing Warzone check your temps on your CPU.

What CPU cooler and PSU do you have?
Hello there.

It's better to turn off all apps to diagnose or troubleshoot. It's not that common but some apps do cause weird effects on performance; like monitoring and capturing apps.

Your CPU usage is good for such FPS and GPU usage.

Also try increasing resolution to 4K and high settings and compare FPS results with these if you have any of those games while monitoring the GPU temp: RTX 2080 Super Zotac AMP 8GB

As for CPU temp, find a safe CPU benchmarking/stress testing app (I use CPU-Z) and a temp monitoring app (I use Core Temp) and use them in conjunction and note results.

Good luck!
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