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:confused: I need help: when you dl .cue files, .nfo files, and .bin files, how do you burn them and will i STILL need a no-cd crack?
Most importantly, how do you burn them. Because as far as i know, when you burn image files, it only allowes you to burn that file and no others... Plz help...:confused:
I got cd patch allready
I just need to know how to burn both files on one cd so it will recognize the cd after i burn, install, and then play. I don't want to do all that and find out that it doesn't work. If you catch my drift...
Search for a Program called NERO. This will let you select the .cue file and will automatically burn the image with it as long as they are in the same directory.
thanks alot man! I allready have Nero. it came with my burner. Cool. i'll see if it works. So just make sure that the .bin and .cue are in the same file folder and then burn the .cue file only and it will automatically burn both? Are there any settings on Nero that i need to set before i try it?
you dont wanna just BURN the cue file, you wanna select open image file, and then browse to the .cue file, when you load it, it should populate with the info on the .bin
Ok. thanks. Also, I am burning all the sims games from .cue and .bin files. Do i need to rename them to make the cd work right?
The sims Vacation for example is called
"the sims vacation.deviance.sharereactor.bin"
and the .cue is called,
"the sims vacation.deviance.sharereactor.cue"
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