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Interesting question here.
Just recently i have purchased and external Portable monitor.
I run a D&D / Tabletop Role Play Game club at my local pub. I used the external display so I can display images of locations, maps, monsters and NPCs to the players. Not all my players are hardcore D&D players. Like showing them an image of what a Beholder or Aarakocra looks like is going to be a lot quicker than me explaining it.

Problem I have is that I use the external portable monitor as an Externed Desktop (Monitor 2). Monitor 2 also facing away from me. Currently i need to guess what is currently on display. I could be showing the wrong image or video file and not know anything.

Cloning Display 1 and 2 is not a option. I used monitor 1 for my own notes. I don't want this on display to my players.

What I would like is a Window on Monitor 1 which will show what is currently on display on monitor 2.

I am looking for suggestions.
MS PowerPoint was something that came to mind; however this would mean I need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation head of time. Does not really suit me as I need to be able change things on the fly.


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I found 2 software which will do want I want to do.

OBS --- Easy to set up and configure. Was not so keen on the configuration menus as I could not suppress them. But i can re-arrange these controls and hide them at the bottom of the screen.

This software takes up less resources. 1.3% CPU / 58.5Mb ram

Link for the software :-
Available for Windows / Mac / Linux.

Stream Labs -- Easy to set up. However very hellbent that you are watching to stream or record to youtube, tiktok, twitch or other platforms. Put you can skip this. As less controls to hide which is a bonus.
Link for this software :-
Only available for windows.

Streamlabs takes up more resources than OBS. 4.0% CPU / 285.5 Mb
This might not sound like a lot, but when the venue does not have near by powerpoint, I am wanting squeeze as much out of my laptop battery as possible.

The confusing part of both software is remembering to move the mouse to Display 2 before i can do anything. This is something I need to get used to. Especially considering i do IT Support for my job and i am used to remoting into other people's computers.

I am happy with both software. But for now, I think I might look at OBS as it takes less resources.


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