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I am thinking of persuing an IT degree. However, I don't think any of the local colleges offer IT degrees.

So I am wondering about these online schools that are offering degrees for IT. I have a lot of concerns though, especially since I know from past experiences how much online classes are. Are they legit? Are degrees from these schools respected by employers? How can I get a degree in IT online when it seems like such a hands on program?

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If they are not accredited instututions run the other way. You have to be accredited in order for your classes to transfer. In order to be accredited you have to meet certain requirements set forth by the state / some governing entity.

As for online - if you do fine an accredited online school you are going to end up spending upwards of 4 times more per credit than a traditional school. With that you do get the convenience of online school - but at a cost.

Unless you are in an extremely small city there will be some type of IT degree offered.
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