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My copy of OLEAUT32.dll got corrupted (shtupid caesar 3) and i can't replace it cuz windows is always using it. Is there any way to delete or replace it? Im on windows ME, so theres no way to get into pain 'ol MS DOS mode (that i know of)
I can't seem to understand the problem..
Go to safe mode and replace the file (or windows me don't have safe mode ?!) or go using one of your previous windows's diskets that have the doss...


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it doesnt work in safe mode, Windows still ties it up. i dont have any disks for my OS, shtupid compaq only gave it to me on a "factory restore" disk. Bah.
Get Windows XP.. Windows ME is full of bugs and errors.. It can easily be messed up. If you need a copy of it.. PM ME


Get the boot menu to show.. Go to Command prompt.. And copy the file offf of a disk into the windows system folder..

A:/ Copy a:eek:leaut32.dll C:/windows/system
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