No Display After Windows Splash Screen

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Hey guys, I am new here and I consider myself very knowledgeable on a computer but this one has me pulling my hair out. I have seen posts for similar situations but nothing identical to mine. What I have is a Dell E520 and we had a power serge and the computer shutoff. When the computer was turned back on it P.O.S.T. fine, loaded to splash screen and then once that is done loading I get a blank screen. Nothing. I reset go to safe mode, works fine, loads into safe mode. I try to load safe mode with networking, will not work. So I went back to safe mode and tried to do a system restore, told me it was disables and I would have to go back and enable it in regular mode. Well I can't do that so I go to the regedit and turn it on from there. Now when I go to system restore it says Error 2: Cannot find the files specified. So next I get the install disk and boot form CD. I skip the automated recovery system and go to reinstall, once it found my partition it asked if I wanted to repair it, I hit R to repair. It goes through the process and when it is finished it restarted the computer and right after the splash screen, same thing blank display. The monitor does not turn off or go into sleep mode giving me the impression there is some sort of activity going on but I am lost on how to get thing back to normal, any ideas?
The power surge may have damaged a component. Try taking out any add-on cards (1) at a time and see if any of them are at fault (modem, sound card, etc...). Try unhooking the drives (1) at a time by removing the power cable and see if any of them are at fault. Check and make sure all the fans are turning. With the power plug removed, take out the video card and clean the gold contacts with a pencil eraser, re-install the card.
I agree witg Slay on this. From what i am gathering, the network card may be damaged. Since you can start without networking but once you try you get issues.
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