new install only shows up in admin account.

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I recently installed Office 97.(OS XP). I installed in the admin account. How do I make the software useable under all users? It does not show up in the start menu for the non-admin acct.
I am under the impression that I should not be logged into the admin acct for normal use for some security reason.

Thanks for having a great site. Really helps those just getting feet wet.

Thanks for any help
i needed to know the answer for this too. in the case of win2000 or xp if i have an administrator and a user account how do i install software such that it should occur only in admin account or user account or both.also i would like to give some privileges to the user account such that he can install fonts . is it possible?
Im not sure with all software, But I have my account in XP set as Admin and the wifes as Limited, and all software I install is useable by both accounts. Some software just doesnt create shortcuts for both accounts, and I browse to the directory and make shortcuts for her myself.
You might also put the office apps in the "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs" Folder

This is where a lot of apps install
Here is the way I do it.

Do your install from you Admin account. Where possible, use the add/remove programs panel to do so.

in c:\documents and settings\all users\ copy the start menu folder.

Copy this folder and overwrite the start menu in c:\documents and settings\default user\ This is a hidden directory.
**note** you only have to do this once. afterwards, you merely copy the start menu program group from either the all users account or the administrator account, depending on where it is.

Now, delete EVERYTHING but the "startup" from c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\

Ensure that all program groups that are in your Administrator start menu are in the Default User start menu. Once they are, I delete all the program groups that I won't be using from as an administrator.

Now what you have to do is copy all the program groups that you want to use in your user accounts to their individual start menus from the default user account. All accounts are listed in c:\documents and settings\ so you must create and log in to the account before you can do this.

The only other thing you have to watch for, especially in older programs, is that sometimes a user account may need full read/write access to a specific folder...which Win2k and XP do not give. If you navigate to the folder and go to its security options in its properties, you can set specific read/write access security policies.

Hope that helps!
Hey thanks for all of the help

Now the software will run, but.....
the spell check buttin will not werk.

I dont understand because it will work from the admin acct, but not the user acct.

Similar thing happens in Access, can't use the templates for setting up a database except in admin acct.

I'm lost, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
its just the access to the respective spell check databases are locked under WinXP. Its a really stupid hat trick.
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