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I have an older computer, HP 15-af131dx, 2 GHz AMD-A6-5200 processor, with a Radeon HD 8400 R3 graphics card.
I downloaded and have played (for years) a game from UFO Alien Invasion <A HREF=""> which I found on

Recently, I purchased a new HP laptop (with no research into components):
HP 17-by3063st laptop, Intel I3-core-10th-Gen, 3.4 GHz (overclock), which has an Intel UHD Graphics 630 driver-version: .
This computer DOES NOT play the game.
Installed fine (which is says went OK) and I started the shortcut on the Desktop. No text displays in any menu, and running side-by-side with older (slower) laptop, and running through the menus ( the frame of the menu show, but no text ANYWHERE), I cannot 'play' the game, functionally.

Is there an older driver that I could install to play this game?
I cannot change the refresh as it's anchored at 60.015 Hz; changing screen scaling or other tweaks doesn't work.
Even the HP-2000 from 2008 runs this game and displays game menus with text.
Intel says "... this is not a high-end game machine or graphics card ...", but a program that hasn't changed in seven years should display on the screen.
Running another monitor (TV) does not show text in the game, either, though other programs and screen displays do show.
Is there a fix?
attached files: ufo00.jpg = Intel UHD card; ufo207.jpg = Radeon and other cards;


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