My ACT story (share yours!)

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Just when I thought school was finally over for the next three months I get a horrible jolt when I'm forced out of my warm bed on a rainy Saturday at 6:00 im the AM to take the dreaded ACT test..:angry:

So I drag myself there at about 7:30 (test allegedly starts at 8) and spend the next hour and a half waiting in line to *register* to take the test! The line that I was in (Last Name R-S) was headed by this old man who searched through his papers at such an agonizingly slow rate that our line was twice as long as the surrounding ones. And then, at 9:00, after bellowing several times for those not taking the writing section of the test to change lines, he LEFT! That's right, stood up (slowly ;)) mumbled to himself, and walked out of the gym and down a hallway never to be seen again. And for the next 20 minutes (no joke) I watched as every other line emptied and ours stayed at a dead standstill while other educators calmly stood behind the row of tables sipping coffee and staring off into space. Eventually some one realized that he wasn't coming back and took his place. Long story short, my entire ACt test class was the people in that line with me, and it started at 9:30. Nothing like 2 hours of waiting in line to get one prepared for a 3.5 hour test, am I right? :p


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I've never taken the ACT, but I took the SAT two years ago. I missed my test date the first time, so I had to rescedule---to the tune of $100.

Got there at 8:00, took the test, took a break in between parts, went back, finished it. I got an 864.

That's about it, really.
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