Why does my browser keep loading my old website


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I am wondering why my browser keeps going to my old website after I changed the A record to point to a new website. I registered my domain name with godaddy.com. Initially, I tried using their web builder tools but became dissatisfied with how limited they were. So I built my website from scratch using basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript and deployed it to my own server. Then I went into my account at godaddy.com and changed the A record to point to my server. I gave it 24 hours and then tested it. It worked. I could see my new website on my server.

But then I tried viewing it in Edge (I was using Chrome before this) and it went to the old website. I cleared all my data and tried again. This seemed to work. Then on a later day, I tried it again in Chrome and again it went to the old website. I tried it in Edge and again it went to the old website. I checked the A record at godaddy.com and it was correct (pointing to the new website). I looked into proxy server settings and ensured it was turned off but this didn't work either.

Why do my browsers keep going back to the old website? Clearing my data doesn't help as it keeps coming back. Where is it coming back from? It can't be a proxy server since I have my proxy settings turned off. Can anyone explain why this is happening? Thank you.
Maybe you can elaborate because I can't figure out how your system is built and how it is set up via A Records. Are you using DNS servers?
Personally, I always prefer using nameservers whenever possible. Isn't it possible on your case?
Thanks kalju, but I resolved the issue. I set my IP settings to point to google's DNS with and and now my browsers are consistently going to the new website. But I'll answer your question anyway. I'm running Windows 10 on a Mac computer and I'm hosting my website with AWS.
Glad you got it resolved. I have to admit that I don't know AWS, I've never used it.
So I wouldn't be able to give any good recommendations in this regard.
What data did you clear? Browser cache and browsing history ?

Let me check if i hear you correctly. So the new website displays in chrome but the old one displays in edge?
Sorry for the late reply, Cheeky. I've moved on from this thread since finding my solution (see my post dated Oct 9 above).

However, for the record, I'll answer your questions. Yes, I cleared both cache and browsing history in both browsers. Initially, the new website showed in Chrome but not Edge, then later it stopped showing in both. Same computer, same connection. However, my dad also tried to visit the site on his phone which had never been to the site before (so there shouldn't be a cache of the old website on his phone) and it brought up the old site.

I'll read the link you posted and see if I can try that on my dad's phone (though it seems geared towards computers, not phones, but I'll see what I can do). Even if this works however, there must be a way of ensuring the proxy or DNS server (wherever the old website is being cached) updates properly in a timely manner. I can't have visitors to my site needing to know how to clear their DNS cache before visiting the site.
Flush the DNS cache
If when visiting your site's domain in your browser, you are still seeing your old website come up (even hours after the correct DNS settings were entered), it may be that your computer or network is still using the old (cached) DNS information for your site.

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