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Over the years, I have purchased practically every horror film that has a sequel, prequel, spin off, or whatever.

After gradually reaching the finishing line, I recently purchased film chart archives on Amazon, that has all the top ten movies dating back to the 1920's, and I had to figure out what ones are truly horror movies, as sometimes it's not obvious just from looking at their titles. These charts display the week and film's names, but not the genre. So now my next goal is to purchase every top ten horror film, released since 1922. :eek:

To be honest, I don't like a lot of modern day horror movies. They're too intentionally gory, and it's arguable that the golden age has already passed us by, so all directors do today is milk everything.

I also feel the same way about horror video games. Silent Hill has been ruined by Konami, and is probably never coming back now that Konami just wants to do mobile games. There hasn't been a Clock Tower game since 2003 and that was an interesting series in that you had to run, rather than shoot things.

Resident Evil is mostly an action series now, with Chris Redfield looking more like 'Retarded Redfield' in the last sequel, which in general, has little to do with the prior games anyway. But I think the last straw for me was that awful "remake" of RE2, that was tension-less and so generic. The original Resident Evil 2 is a MASTERPIECE! In fact, the first remake in 2002, which is almost a scene-for-scene remake of the 1996 game is 1000 times scarier than the recent remake, which bordered more on the action heavy entries from 4-6. :facepalm:

The best recent horror game was probably The Evil Within 2, or the remastered HD version of The Last of Us. But I never get excited for Resident Evil games anymore. The games are hardly really sequels any more anyway. Every game has a stand alone, half-baked story, and way, way too much shooting. The monsters also drop keys and ammo, when in the old games, you picked up ammo on desks or found it stashed away in lockers, or whatever. The series is just a muddled-up joke today!

Will you use the Shield Key? You have used the Shield Key. This key is no longer useful. Do you wish to discard it?

Lots of games have movie names slapped on them and they no way ever represent the movie.

It's the name that sells and caused a lot of disappointments.
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