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In building a computer, what do you think would be a better option? I think im going to go with a pentium based system, and my question is: Do you think that a MB with 4X AGP and RAMBUS memory would be better...or....a 8X agp with DDR ram? Because that seems like the only options I could find. Also, I would like to get a radeon 9700 which is 8X, so I have to consider that. So what do you think would be the overall better choice? thanks

mostly gaming, and I am going to school to study digital media, so soemthing that would work smoothly with graphics in 3DS Max, Maya, etc would be a plus too.
Good ones which don't cost too much (depends on your platform) :

Intel: ABIT SR7-8X or ASUS P4S-8X (Both SiS 648), which un-officially had support for DDR400 and official support for AGP 8X
How about a board with AGP 8X, duel channel DDR, S-ATA, and gigabit LAN check out the Asus P4G8X it is a new board with a new Intel chipset

I am building a new system with this board as soon as I can find one. They aren't in the e-stores yet.
wow, and not to mention HT support! yeah i checked too on pricewatch, the cheapest price was $217! yikes. and the ETA was around 12/13. that would be nice though. thanks

I'm sure the price will come down once other motherboard manufacturers start shipping boards. Gigabyte and Tyan are already making new boards with this chipset. I can't find these boards either.

I found the Asus board at but reseller have them rated at 2.14 out of 10. I think I will wait until at 9.73 or at 8.29 have them in stock
If you are using AMD Athlons then I recommend the Asus A7V333
with BIOS upgrade to v 1015. I have fitted a 2800+ with no problem.
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