What is the right laptop for my needs?


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My needs are simple. I will be using it mostly for surfing the web but I would like to store videos files and music on it I would like to be able to connect it to televisions in hotels and be able to connect my printer to it when needed I would like for it to be fast a sleek design lightweight and not oversized I enjoy using Windows as that is the only software I've ever used and I think I would like to have the touch screen option. Is this option good or with a lot of problems. And the last thing I would like to stay under $300 and with that in mind should I go with new or possibly get a better bang for my dollar with getting a refurbished machine thank you so much
Personally I would not go for a refurb and I would be spending a good bit more than $300 although over here in UK things are way more expensive than they seem to be over there. I think I would be looking at something like a Microsoft Surface although there are others. Go for a big screen, 15 inch. As I say I think you had better budget higher if you can.
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