Monitor shutting down

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All Seeing Eye
Hey there.
I've bought a new computer lately (P4 3.06Ghz, WinXP pro).
I guess my problem is something with the BIOS but I don't really know. the problem is: when I'm on the computer the monitor is suddenely shutting down without no seemable reason (for example, when playing I belive some setting is making the monitor shutting down, and if I press the shut-down button on the keyboard it will shut down my computer.. I don't really understand what is happening, but please don't just suggest turning the monitor on cause it isn't possible..

thanks for anyhelp!! :angry: :amazed: :rolleyes:
hmm, the only thing I could think of is something making the monitor switch resolutions or refresh rates that are higher than the monitor would support. That would make the monitor loose sync and turn off.
that's totaly weird, maybe because (I think) pool@yahoo is Java scripted? hmmm.. I've played Enter the Matrix and Unreall II and Postal 2 and all worked fine.. just when doing this it is suddenely shutts.. and I had this monitor on the old cpu playing pool and it played fine... I guess it ain't the monitor problem.. any suggestions?
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