Metal Gear Solid 2 or Splinter Cell?

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Just interested in some other ppls opinions.

What do you think is better Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance or Splinter Cell?

I've played both and have nothing against either game but I think if you like realism and true challenge, Splinter Cell is the better of the two games.
I haven't played Splinter Cell much, not near as much as Metal Gear. As of right now, I think I would chose Splinter Cell. I don't own either one, but thinking about getting Splinter Cell.

Dave :D
I have to agree with you. Metal Gear is very good on the Xbox, but Splinter Cell is definitely the better of the too.
well i havent played splinter cell pandora for xbox yet but i have played all the metal gears for ps2 and thats y i have a ps2 to play those great games when they come out
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