Upgrading CPU for Da Vinci Resolve issues

That is really full, move any old raw footage, etc to the 1tb disk.

Second thing, i would grab a 10700k for the cpu because you will have a hard time finding anything ryzen
Ryzen 5 3600 and a cheap B550 board if you can find them or an Intel 10400 and B460m board would probably be cheaper. That board will support a 3600 so that and a GPU would do the trick even if it's something like a 1050ti or 1650.

This'll help but it won't be the end all be all. You definitely need to clear that out as much as possible for overall system performance but it won't help too much with your video editing performance.

going to grab the ryzen 5 and try get a mother board in the next few weeks. are these components easy to fit? im a mechanical maintenance engineer and would rather try do it myself than pay someone £50 to fit it for me lol -_- (tight ass)

watched a few videos on replacing the CPU and it looks prety straight forwards. need to watch a few on changing a motherboard out lol
500gb SSD drives are way cheaper than they used to be..... IMHO, would be a benefit to upgrade from that 250gb drive to a 500gb ssd drive
will add this to the list aswel mate, looks like i may have been better just building my own haha! pob have two lots of components by the time im done haha
any oreference to mother board? there seems to be a few versions of the 550... elite ... master.. pro etc?
Okay so I’m sorry I haven’t replied to this any sooner just been really busy with work and family life.

I’ve purchased a

Ryzen 7 2700 cpu
A wraith rgb cooler
An aurous b450 matx mother board

was trying to do the swap last night, managed to get it the cpu on the board, the cooler on, board into the tower, all hooked up..... went to connect my graphics card up again and it just will not fit in and onto the board?

the graphics card is a sapphire rx570 4gb

I don’t understand cause I thought it would be a straight swap as the tower is the same, the mother board is the same form factor...

I done a google this morning to see what mother boards are compatible with my graphics card and in the many results turns up - my board aorus b450 matx form factor???????

but honestly last night the circled section just kept fouling the graphics card. (Not my actual gpu just a listing off eBay for attention)

anyone able to help? Genuinely at breaking point with it.. 1 step forward 3628488327 steps backwards.

Thanks folks xo


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