Malicious file download (what to do?)


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Should I be worried?

When I was downloading stuff from savefromnet ,I think I accidentally clicked a pop up (or maybe something else happened),
When I went to download the video a message at the bottom of google chrome said something like "this file may harm your browsing experience so it has been blocked" "dismiss". so I accidentally clicked dismiss because, I thought dismiss ment cancel download, but it actually meant dismiss warning.

So when I clicked dismiss it download some kind of chrome"exe file" to my laptop instead of the video. I got scared and trashed and deleted the strange file from my laptop.(Then I carefully tried again to download the video like I always do and it worked perfectly and was a normal mp4 video file like always.)

(but I still wondered what that other file that I deleted was)
So then I went to chrome download history to see what I downloaded and I saw this in my download history.
("Rouge no dengon YM.exe[QS1].exe
Rouge no dengon YM.exe may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it.")

Insead of saying the title of the video with ".mp4" it said the title of the video with ".exe".

I tried to post a screenshot but "computer forums" wont let me. It wants me to put a url for a picture ,it wont let me upload my screen shot from my laptop?

Should i be worried? should I not login to check my bank account balance on this laptop any more? Can a malicious file log my key strokes or something and get into my bank account? I am paranoid now and am using my tablet to check my balance.
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Clicking anything on the internet is always fraught with danger, especially banking. In answer to your question is yes always be worried. Worried people, such as me, take extra precautions although that does make me immune from internet dangers. having said that it is just as risky when you use card, or whatever, in a shop or at an ATM.

Now that I have put the fear of whatever diety you worship into you (no bad thing in my opinion) download Malwarebytes from here:- It's a free download but it will nag you to buy it. Run it and delete anything it picks up. Others will be along with their own preferred anti-malware program.
Ok will look into virus scanning programs.

But just out of curiosity for the subject of "Cyber Safety and Computer Security" and for the sake of conversation.

1- I never buy stuff online , I just "Sign On to View my Account" to see my balance.

Could a "malicious exe file" somehow keylog or compromise me in any way?, or do they just put adds on your computer?

Am I in any danger just because I checked my balance on this laptop? I check my balance every day and I always sighn off.

2- I there any danger from merely Signing On to View my Account balance on an infected pc or at a public computer lab?
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Malicious files can keylog you and compromise you.

Of course there is a risk especially where on-line banking is concerned.

Again if you'r on the internet for whatever reason there is a risk.

Bottom line keep your ant-virus software up to date and run it regularly. Keep your anti-maleware software up to date and run it regularly.

We all do banking on line, well the vast majority of us anyway. We are all exposed to the internet scroats that want to steal from us. But we accept those risks. The only alternative is not to do anything on line.

Don't worry too much about it. Just be aware that the risk is there and do what you can to minimise that risk and realise that the risk cannot be eliminated completely.
Makes sense.

It just angers me that I twiched my index finger wrong and downloaded some weird "exe file" that was on my pc for like probably two minute before I trashed it and now im paranoid and stuff.

But this was a wake up call because this laptop is old and out of date , who know what could be on it.

Can files downloaded from the internet like mp4,mp3 and jpeg have viruses in them or is it only exe?

I cant upload my screen shot for some reason , but this is almost exactly what I saw in my download history (Pictur Below)

Except the one I saw said as folows.

"Rouge no dengon YM.exe[QS1].exe

Rouge no dengon YM.exe may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it.

Remove from list - Recover malicious file"
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