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I have to use a VPN with Giffgaff (my mobile provider) and I cannot access adult oriented websites otherwise. I don't have broadband anymore. These days, I use the £25 'Always On' data package, and connect my phone to a laptop via a USB cable or Bluetooth, when possible. I've got an old Toshiba laptop too that has no battery, but it has a built-in webcam. My slow HP one doesn't have a webcam, but it has Bluetooth.

Google is so awkward. Every God damn time I'm on Google, I have to do a verification thingy. When I do it, I noticed it sometimes doesn't let me proceed. So I just use Yahoo! now for searches, although clearly Google is the best search engine of the lot.

Google is ass in general, though. Do you know they track everything you browse? ?

They also ruined YouTube last year. You need 1000 subscribers now to live stream from the YouTube app, whereas in the past, you just had to get verified and wait a full day. You also get asked a ton of questions now when you upload anything. Nobody can get 1000 followers either unless they make diverse content, and even then, 95% of your community could be trolls. Even the really big channels have that problem. But it's the Internet, I guess. ?
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