Installing Applications in Linux?

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Hey guys,
I have been trying out Mandrake Linux for a few days now...and I'd like to say that it is my first time ever using Linux. As you might think I don't know how to use Linux properly yet so I have a few questions, and I thought you guys would be able to answer them. First, I want to install Azureus, which is a bittorrent client, but it requires a Java Runtime Environment. I downloaded both files, and I am trying to install that Java application, but nothing seems to be happening when I double click it (am I missing something?), I tryed moving the file to that terminal thing, but it says permission denied. I am not sure what should I do next, as this is the first time for me installing an application in Linux. Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks a lot. :)


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what format is the azureus file youve got?
what format is the java runtime environment you donwloaded?Does it have directions?Are you sure Mandriva didnt come with java already?(it should,but I wouldnt be shocked if it didnt)

When in doubt, always check the website where your distro came from, mandrake or mandriva its called nowadays has a decent website unlike many of the others.

software for linux comes in many forms, without details I can only make assumptions and guesses to help you

there's also whats called binaries, which are precompiled packages ready to be installed, theres also software that needs compiled first.

binaries come in all sorts of styles/formats, mandrake uses the rpm format,so does redhat and suse........files with an rpm suffix

if the mandrake web page tutorial leaves you lost, try here too and familiarize yourself with linux in general


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As horndude has pointed out there are many ways to install software in Linux and it can vary quite allot from distro to distro.

Mandrake er, uh, "Mandriva" (I hate that name :mad: ) makes it very simple through the use of the "urpmi" command. Urpmi allows you to install software from console and it gets all the needed dependencies as well.

Go here and follow the directions to configure your sources, try to use the ones close to you though I have had great success using ones as far away as France so long as they are updated.

Easy Urpmi

Once you have your sources configured go here to get a more detailed overview as to how urpmi can really simplify your installs with Man ...... Man ....... oh dammit Mandriva, there I said it! :p

Urpmi Explained

Hope this helps ya. :)
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