IE6 SP1 problem installation

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Use OEM XP pro + Rev1 etc and IE6. I believe I have installed SP1 as it says so in "Help" "About W.E." But I am not sure because I keep getting a reminder that SPI needs to be installed.
When I try to re-install after re-downloading, my computer always instantly asks for a re-boot without any installation. Is there a way of proving that the installation has truly been effected and, if so, how do I stop these infernal reminders to install a program I already have? Please, please help.

Mesh Matrix A7V333 motherboard BIOS rev 1015
AMD Athlon 2200+
512 MB PC2700 Ram
2 x 80GB drives

Further details: Product ID:55736-461-5864345-04903 Version 6.0.2800.1106 xpsph 020828-192015 Update version SP1 This is a customised version of internet explorer.

Attempting to re-install IE6 leads to a message "an updated version is already on your computer"

But if I try to install a security patch I get a message "you must update to SP1"

Now I have used the Baseline Security Analyser - Score Security update and for the cumulative patch for IE6 (324929) I get:
FileC:\WINDOWS\System32|urlmon.dll has a file version [6.0.2800.1143] than is greater than what is expected [6.0.2800.1126]
FileC:/WINDOWS\Systtem32\mshtml.dll has a file version [6.0.2800.1106] that is less than what is expected [6.0.2800.1126] What do I do about this?
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