No signal after installing amd driver


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*b450 gigabyte
*ram 8gb
*PS 450 watt

I am stuck with the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter." I can update the driver in a large number of ways, but each method leads to the screen going dark.

The computer is on and responds to commands. I can shut it off with a keyboard shortcut for example.

The only way to get the screen back is to start up in safe mode. If I roll back the driver in safe mode I can then restart the computer normally.

Other than this everything seems to work fine: sound, network, monitor, peripherals.

At no point have I seen error lights on the motherboard.

What I've tried:

  1. Clean windows install, run windows updates first (installer starts from version 1903). Then safe mode as needed, windows update tries to install display drivers so it goes black. I then have tried installing drivers from AMD software (old and new versions) and from the MSI DVD that came with the motherboard.
  2. Clean windows install, run driver updates from AMD and MSI before I let windows update do anything.
  3. Using DDU to clear display drivers in between attempts and not using it, that is just telling windows to roll back the drivers or disable the device.
  4. BIOS updates for the motherboard. It came with a Ryzen 3rd gen compatible BIOS so I've tried with that original bios, version 3.0, as well as the latest BIOS, version 3.3.
  5. I checked the performance of the processor alone in Cinebench. It seems to perform as expected. But of course I can't check the integrated graphics because the drivers won't work.
  6. Removing 2nd ram stick and removing wifi card - made no difference
  7. Installed another 3200g processor on the off chance that there was a problem with mine. No difference, same behavior.
  8. Installing old drivers from both AMD and Windows driver repositories. Most create the same black screen. Some cause windows to be unable to startup.

Thanks for reading all that!
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