I have some RAM problems i think

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My specs
P4 1.7ghz
80GB Western Digital HDD
GeeForce 5700FX 128mb
unknown motherboard and PSU

So I bought 512 of RAM so I could have 1GB in totall and did format. After the format my comp is running sh*tty, like slower. Whenever I run Counter Strike 1.6 which doesn't need much it lags a lot, I get a lot of ghosting and lag. So I looked on the forums here and from sticky I downloaded the program MemTest. I run it and I can't even test my whole RAM because a Message pops out:

Your version of Windows limits the ammount of contiguous Ram a single program can allocate. You will have to run two copies of MemTest, and tell each to test 200mb of Ram.

Do any of u know what that means ? From what i figured out is that each program has a limit to using 200mb of Ram. Isn't that weird ? Maybe that's why I don't Bother to play Battlefield 2 on my machine cuz whenever i put it on it lags like crazy and i just turn it off and don't bother trying again for a long time.

Any help on this ?

Mr Wizard

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First I would look into what type of MB you have, then see if it supports 1 GB of RAM, just to be sure. Thats probably not it but u should try, next tell me which ver. of Windows your machine is running, 98\2000\xp, home or pro. edition.

For the lagging, check your video card drivers

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