Help needed please


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Please someone help...

My laptop keeps shutting itself down with no warning or error messages, the machine still has power supplied to it but seems like the hdd shutsdown. Also the display goes off while the system stays on.

Things I've tried:

Virus Scan - nothin found
Turn all power settings so always on
Update display drivers
Usual scan disc runs
System restore to previous date.

These problems do not always happen I can be on there for hours but other times can't keep it on long enough to run a virus scan.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satelite 1800 series and runs XP pro.

Please, please help!!!


~mr mixx~

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My Girlfriend Had This Prob. Too

Hi, My Girlfriend Had The Same Problem With Her Computer Too. We Would Be Playing Video Games When All Of A Sudden The Screen Went So Dark You Could'nt See Anything.

So, When This Happens To You Is There An Orange Light Lit Up Somewhere Ontop The Laptop? If So, The Laptop Shut Down The
Monitor To Save It's Battery Life.

In Short, Your Laptop Is Running Off The Battery. Try Changing The Power Scheme To See If The Run Off Battery Is
Check Marked. If It Is Change It To Run Off Power Cord.

Also Check Your Power Cord For Any Loose Connections
Hope This Was The Problem.

Gary Graefen

In Runtime
check your bios for a power saving function and disable it. In windows you have power and moniter saving functions which moniter the keyboard and mouse-if you have another input device windows see's no activity and goes into standby mode. This shuts off the video screen. Disable the screen saver and turn off all windows power saving functions. If it still happens it could be you have a bad lcd.


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Have accessed the bios but not found anything on power saving, could you point me in the right direction please.