Hello from Tokyo, JAPAN!

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Hi there,

I've been running a site on the other side of the ocean, but I thought I'd register and say hello here. Nice place!

My name is Jim or "ricoche" around the net and I'm originally from the States. I've been living in Japan now for almost 11 years working at various different jobs, but now I have my own company.

Work has been very good in the area of video promotion and production. Basically I do short promo's for local area businesses around Tokyo, Yokohama, and currently where I live now Nagano city.

I'm also crazy about all kinds of Tech stuff. Japan as you may know has loads of this stuff. My studio has quite a few DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-Ram, etc of all shapes and sizes. Recently the more popular decks are the ones that do real time recording just like a VHS deck. I hook mine up via Firewire from the computer and completely bypass all that software stuff and record directly to the deck. Most decks now in Japan contain HDs as well so in the near future, you won't need any tape or DVD media at all. This is really great for doing edits and such using the computer.

Also the portablility is fabulous in Japan. The DVD sized players are very small now much like cd players. When I visit clients I usually carry this portable player with screen to show my portfolio. They may have already hit the States, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, if you ever want any info, pics, or news about the latest from Japan, just drop me a line anytime. I do speak, read & write Japanese, so if you need help with understanding what some if this stuff is or means that's fine too.

In addition games and anime are big here too. Of course I'm into these as well. Xbox is picking up speed over here, but I'm curious what games are popular in the States compared to Japan. The PS2 game selection is very different in Japan, but still the titles are very cool. Some of the Samurai games are amazing! The new Metal Gear Solid is coming out soon as well which was a big hit.

For Animation, some incredible titles are due out. Anybody here into that? Of course most of it is in Japanese, but lately they are translating quite a bit of it.

Well anyway, nice to meet you all and if you have any questions feel free to let me know anytime.



Jim Atwood a.k.a Ricoche :D
Welcome aboard Ricoche

Welcome to the Tech Forums. I am brand new here myself. I have a friend that is very fond of Japan. He was a U.S. Marine and spent a lot of time out there.

See ya around,
Jim - Ricoche,

Good to have you here. I've always wanted to go to Japan. My girlfriend went over there to see her brother when he was teaching English as a Second Language. She got some really cool pictures of Skyline's, Civic Type R's, various cars and other cool stuff. I wanted to go over there so bad, damnit!

Well it's good to have you here, maybe you could post some pics of the Japan life, and whatnot...

Welcome :)
Good to have you man! Hope youll be stopping by often!
Hello again

Hi there,

I hope to stop by as much as possible. Thanks for the nice welcome and if you ever need anything from Japan just shout!

Jya, mata ne!

Here's a pic.

Here's a picture of where I live. Yokohama, Japan. At the top of the center tall building is a hotel. I stayed there a few times. Very nice!


Ricoche :D


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His intro was much better than mine.

Hey, the Olympics were in Nagano one year, eh? :)
Nice to meet you Jim.
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